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Range Rover Servicing From Range Rover Specialists in Liphook | Difference Between MOTs and Servicing

The Land Rover specialists and Range Rover specialists at SLR Automotive Surrey offer a range of first-rate services to customers in Liphook and the surrounding areas we cover. From Land Rover servicing, diagnostic checks and MOTs to Range Rover servicing, electrical repair work and tyre fitting, we have a solution for everyone. Our experts are happy to advise you on all aspects of the quality services we provide.

Some car owners may not be familiar with the difference between MOTs and car servicing. There are important differences which can lead to vehicles not passing the correct tests and result in failing legal requirements.

Here, we discuss the difference between servicing and MOTs to help avoid any confusion.


MOTs are a legal obligation for all car owners when their vehicle is over three years of age. They can also be required for vehicles, such as ambulances and taxis, over one year of age and vehicles with nine or twelve passenger seats.

MOTs are designed to assess if a vehicle adheres to a specific set of safety standards. The core vehicle components that are tested include:

  • Windscreen Condition

  • Tyres

  • Suspension

  • Steering

  • Seat Belts

  • Brakes

Our Range Rover specialists and Land Rover specialists thoroughly check all aspects to ensure the safety of our customers in Liphook and the surrounding areas.

Car Servicing

Car servicing is not a legal requirement but helps keep vehicles fully functional and can help prevent problems that can be expensive to resolve later on. We specialise in Range Rover servicing and Land Rover servicing to keep vehicles in top condition.

Getting your vehicle serviced every six months, either before or after an MOT, provides the best chance of ensuring it remains safe and efficient all year round. Interim or basic servicing will help uncover any obvious issues and improve your car’s current state. Full car servicing covers dismantling and checking components for a more thorough examination.

At SLR Automotive Surrey, our Land Rover and Range Rover specialists undertake a comprehensive range of services to ensure the safety of vehicles, including MOTs, Land Rover servicing and Range Rover servicing. We also service other models of cars if needed.

Our Range Rover and Land Rover specialists keep vehicles in Liphook and the surrounding areas functioning optimally and running as safely and smoothly as possible.

To schedule a servicing with Land Rover specialists and Range Rover specialists, call 01428 778 123. We welcome motorists from Liphook and the neighbouring areas.