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Land Rover Servicing From Range Rover Specialists in Hindhead | The Importance of Genuine Parts

SLR Automotive Surrey has the expertise and experience expected from Land Rover and Range Rover specialists. With our depth of knowledge, we recognise the importance of using genuine replacement parts or accessories during repairs. Whether as a result of an accident on the road or following a Land Rover servicing, Range Rover servicing, MOT or vehicle diagnostics check, if a part needs to come out, the replacement must have genuine Land Rover quality. As trusted Range Rover and Land Rover specialists in Hindhead and the surrounding areas we cover, you can rest assured we do exactly this.

From car servicing to repair work, the technicians at SLR Automotive Surrey have extensive experience working and training with Land Rover. We understand the superior engineering that makes these vehicles unique, and we do nothing to compromise their quality. To learn more about our company and our services, please read the About SLR page.

Each part and component has been specially designed for your vehicle. This design process includes testing and manufacturing to Land Rover’s uncompromising standards, ensuring premium quality and outstanding durability. Ultimately, the intent behind every item is to improve the performance and lifespan of your vehicle, making it a pleasure to drive on the roads of Hindhead and beyond.

Only Use Genuine Parts & Accessories

With such a finely tuned machine, it becomes quite obvious that inserting one or more parts of inferior quality will have a negative impact on multiple aspects, including:

  • Performance Issues

  • Resale Value

  • Impact on Genuine Parts

Performance Issues

Most obvious of these remains the fact that a lesser-quality part won’t stand the rigours of being in such a high-performance machine. Thus it will fail far sooner than it should, resulting in more car servicing, maintenance and repairs. Naturally, as any Land Rover specialists or Range Rover specialists will confirm, this goes against the reliability and durability these vehicles are famed for.

Resale Value

In addition, failure to use genuine parts has a negative impact on the resale value of the car. These luxury vehicles remain in high demand on the used-car market, but it stands to reason that people want to buy something of 100% Land Rover quality. Anything less, and the price falls. With the prospect of future Land Rover servicing and Range Rover servicing uncovering multiple issues, motorists in Hindhead won’t want to pay a premium.

Impact on Genuine Parts

On the topic of car servicing and maintenance, the placement of an inferior component can also impact on the remaining genuine parts too. A severe failure can shoot debris outward, potentially damaging neighbouring parts, creating an even greater repair job.

Quite simply, you don’t need to be Land Rover specialists or Range Rover specialists to see the importance of using genuine parts and accessories.

If you have a Land Rover servicing or Range Rover servicing due soon, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you live in Hindhead and require anything from car servicing to repairs with genuine parts and accessories, call 01428 778 123.