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Land Rover & Range Rover Servicing in Guildford | Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Car Servicing from Our Land Rover Specialists

At SLR Automotive Surrey, our Land Rover and Range Rover specialists understand the importance of car servicing. We share 70 years of trade and industry experience, so we have seen the relatively simple maintenance involved in regular servicing as well as the damage and expense associated with avoiding the procedure. Our personnel always strongly advise customers in Guildford and the surrounding areas we cover, if you have a Land Rover servicing, Range Rover servicing or any other car servicing due, do not delay it.

Importance of Servicing

As Range Rover and Land Rover specialists, we understand that car servicing can often be a daunting prospect, particularly for younger drivers with older cars. However, the procedure plays a vital role in maintaining the safety of your vehicle, so if you avoid your Land Rover or Range Rover servicing, you not only endanger your own safety, you also increase the likelihood of needing extensive repair work.

Quite simply, the most effective way to keep your car on the roads of Guildford and beyond is to undertake vehicle servicing at the recommended intervals. Regular servicing helps:

  • Keep You Safe

  • Keep Other Drivers Save

  • Save Costly Repairs

  • Make Driving More Comfortable

  • Provide Peace of Mind

If you have a Range Rover or Land Rover servicing due soon, please contact us to book a convenient timeslot.

Don’t Leave Car Servicing Too Long

Unlike an MOT, car servicing is not a legal requirement, they are merely recommended. As such, some drivers give in to the temptation of having them undertaken less often or avoiding them altogether. While this may seem like it saves money, it actually represents a false economy. Our Land Rover specialists and Range Rover specialists know these vehicles inside-out. As such, we can identify small issues before they have a chance to develop into much bigger, more expensive problems.

Needless to say, the cost of Range Rover servicing or Land Rover servicing and minor work costs less than extensive repairs following a breakdown or component failure. In a similar vein, avoiding car servicing almost certainly shortens the lifespan of a vehicle. Not only does this mean you need to buy a new car sooner, it also means you will get the minimum amount, if anything, for your old under-serviced car.

Our Land Rover specialists and Range Rover specialists utilise their expertise to keep motorists in Guildford and the neighbouring areas safe with the most cost-effective approach possible.

If you live in Guildford and have a Land Rover servicing or Range Rover servicing due soon, call 01428 778 123.