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Car Servicing in Godalming | Benefits of Regular Servicing from Range Rover & Land Rover Specialists

In our position as time-served Land Rover specialists and Range Rover specialists, we understand the importance of car servicing. When it comes to driving, motorists should never compromise on safety, but when they avoid regular servicing, this is exactly what they do. Whether we carry out Land Rover servicing, Range Rover servicing or servicing on other makes and models, we make the process as smooth and convenient as possible to ensure our customers from Godalming and the surrounding areas we cover remain safe on the roads of Surrey. This includes a pick-up and drop-off service.

Needless to say, regular car servicing comes with a range of associated benefits that make a great investment. Below, we have taken a closer look at some of these.

If you have a Land Rover servicing or Range Rover servicing due soon, please contact us to discuss your options.

Advantages of Regular Car Servicing

There are many advantages of regular vehicle servicing, including:

  • Safety

  • Save Money

  • Long-Term Value


One of the main reasons behind car servicing is to ensure your vehicle remains in a safe condition. Just because a car feels fine, doesn’t mean every aspect of the machinery involved is operating as it should. As the miles clock up, so does wear and tear. With the results often out of sight, it can lull motorists in Godalming and beyond into a false sense of security.

The keen eye of our Land Rover specialists and Range Rover specialists identifies even the smallest of problems, rectifying them before they have a chance to jeopardise safety.

Save Money

This benefit covers several aspects. First, regular Land Rover and Range Rover servicing and maintenance costs less in the long-term than avoiding the process entirely and suffering a major breakdown or repair project. As with any machinery, if Godalming motorists stay ahead of small issues, it offers a much more cost-effective, not to mention less stressful, approach.

Second, our Land Rover specialists and Range Rover specialists also help to optimise the fuel efficiency of vehicles too. This offers savings at the petrol pump. New air and oil filters ensure a smoother running engine and, when combined with associated issues such as under-inflated tyres, our customers benefit from improved fuel consumption.

Long-Term Value

This benefit of car servicing applies to those looking to keep their car well into the future as well as those with an eye on selling. There’s little doubt that regular Land Rover servicing and Range Rover servicing increases the lifespan of the vehicle at hand. Much like a human body, frequent and proactive maintenance greatly increases performance over a longer period.

In addition, cars with a full service history, or at the very least evidence of regular servicing, attract more potential buyers, and a higher selling price, when placed on the second-hand market.

If you live in Godalming and would like to schedule a car servicing with Land Rover specialists and Range Rover specialists, call 01428 778 123.