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Range Rover Servicing & Land Rover Servicing in Farnham | A Closer Look at Car Servicing

Every motorist across the country has some familiarity with car servicing. In a lot of cases, this only extends as far as seeing the process as somewhat of an inconvenience. However, the Land Rover servicing and Range Rover servicing that we undertake not only plays a vital role in optimising the performance of vehicles, but also helps keep vehicles as safe as possible and maximises resale value. When customers in Farnham and the surrounding areas we cover have a complete understanding of the servicing process, the temptation to avoid it disappears.

As Land Rover specialists and Range Rover specialists, we have presented below a brief guide to the checks and inspections performed by our personnel during your car servicing.

What Happens During Car Servicing?

Interim Land Rover Servicing

During an interim service, our Land Rover and Range Rover specialists check the following for motorists in Farnham and the surrounding areas:

  • Bodywork and Mirrors

  • ABS

  • Timing Belt Interval

  • Seatbelts

  • Warning Lights

  • Exterior and Interior Lights

  • Rear View Mirror

  • Front and Rear Windscreen Wipers

  • Washers

  • Fuel Cap

  • Power Steering

  • Air Conditioning

  • Air Filter

  • Auxiliary and Fan Belts

  • Clutch

  • Battery

  • Handbrake Operation

  • Top-Up of Gearbox Oil

  • Top-Up of Axel Oil

  • Top-Up of All Fluid Levels

  • Corrosion Inspection

  • Replacement of Engine Oil

  • Replacement of Oil Filter

  • Suspension

  • Steering

  • Exhaust System

  • Fuel Lines, Hoses and Brake Pipes

  • Tyres

  • Brake Pads

  • Drums and Discs

  • Leaking Callipers/Cylinders

  • Exhaust Emissions

Full Range Rover Servicing

During a full servicing our Land Rover specialists and Range Rover specialists check everything listed in the interim service, as well as the following:

Whether we complete Land Rover servicing, Range Rover servicing or any other type of car servicing for our Farnham customers, we stamp the service log book in recognition of our work.

If you are preparing for your own Land Rover servicing or Range Rover servicing, we strongly advise referring to your vehicle’s handbook for the most accurate information.

To schedule a servicing with Land Rover specialists and Range Rover specialists, call 01428 778 123. We welcome motorists from Farnham and the neighbouring areas.